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Bikini Bowfishing -In  The  Beginning

Bikini Bowfishing's Shelby with Gator
Bikini Bowfishing

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Bikini Bowfishing Brooke Thomas Crossbow

Beginning in 2010, a bunch of girls got together for a day of bowfishing in Florida.  Little did we know how unique it was for girls in bikinis to be out shooting stingrays. For us, it was just another day of fun in the sun. After posting some pictures online and hearing some of the comments on social media, we realized that some people didn't take us serious because of the way we looked or what we were wearing. It seemed odd to us because down here in the "Sunshine State" we're almost always in bikinis when we're out on a boat. It was then and there that we realized it was time to put together a Calendar for the world to see. Well needless to say Bikini Bowfishing was a hit and the world got to see beautiful girls.. shoot fish and YES, while wearing a bikini!  We're now working on our second DVD and our fifth calendar is now available for 2017

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So come join the Bikini Bowfishing girls as we hunt down the rays, stick the gar

and mix a little blood and mud with fun and sun.

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See you on the Water!